Monoblock Amplifier

Monoblock Amplifier

The monoblock amplifier also known as monoblock amp derived from the phrase mono block amplifier. It is an amplifier in a single channel that is made to get one audio channel and drive only one speaker.  Monoblock amplifier can be positioned to both sides.  It can also be used in a stereo amplifier that is operating in a single mode.  Normally, monoblock amplifiers work in pairs, one amplifier for the right and one for the left.   

There are various advantages of using monoblock amplifiers.  Using this amplifier on the left and a separate one to the right creates state of the art sounds. 

  • As there is only one channel used to feed information to a monoblock amplifier, crosstalk is eliminated between different channels.  Signals would be very clear in transmission through one amplifier.
  • There is only one channel to drive, with this; the power supply of the monoblock amplifier could provide better and greater headroom.
  • If there is only monoblock amplifier on every channel, there will be no sound distortion and provides better sound quality output.

In setting up a very good sound system, it is worth to note how much power of monoblock amplifiers you need.  Setting up a certain level needs a precise amplifier’s power.  Most sound system requires a few hundred wattages per channel. Therefore, an exact and precise measurement is needed for you to avoid wasting your funds in buying over the required specifications. 

Choosing a monoblock amplifier depends on what quality of sounds you like.  Your type of music is also a very good factor to consider in getting a very appropriate monoblock amplifier for your sound system.  Remember, the louder the type of music you want the higher the power of monoblock amplifiers you need. 

Other types of amplifiers apart from the monoblock amplifer: 

Aside from the monoblock amplifier, there are other types of amplifiers you can choose from depending on your required specifications and needs. 

  • Tube Amplifiers
    • Vacuum tubes are being used in tube amps to convert the alternating current signal to a direct current to power up your speakers.  Various combinations of different tube amplifiers increase the overall gain or level of the channel signal.   Single ended triode designed for lower powered tube amplifiers are famously used by people with speakers having high efficiency.  Pentode circuit design on the other hand is being used for higher powered tube amps.
  • Field Effect Transistor
    • A solid state design amplifier is commonly known as a field effect transistor or well known as FET.  This runs much cooler than the tube amplifiers. 
  • Bipolar Transistors
    • Another type of amplifier is the bipolar transistor.  Difference among field effect transistor, tube amplifiers and bipolar transistors are, bipolar transistors are devices for current while the two other are devices for voltage. 
  • Class A, AB, and B
    • Other types of amplifiers refer t circuit design using Class A, B or a combination of Class AB.
  • Stereo and Multichannel
    • Several configurations can be done. The most common are stereo amps which connected to a pair of speakers and multichannel amplifiers used in home theater. 

There are various types but monoblock amplifier is still the choice. The monoblock amplifier has captured the hearts of many music enthusiasts making it the number one choice.